Participation of a faculty member in an international scientific conference

With the participation and attendance of a number of faculty members and researchers, the assistant lecturer (Bashir Adnan Abdulwahed Al-Sumaida’i) from the Department of Fundamentals of Religion at the Imam Al-A’adham University, participated today, 4th May , 2024, in the International Scientific Conference (Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Modern Trends of Sciences and Knowledge), with his research paper titled (The Legal Basis of the Concepts of Creativity and Innovation in the Prophetic Hadith). The conference was organized by the Manara Foundation for Development and Education in collaboration with several Iraqi and Arab universities, where experiences and ideas were exchanged on the latest developments in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, and how to translate the presented results and ideas into reality, which contributes to supporting the scientific and academic community.
قد يعجبك ايضا